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Residential shingle roofing on an upscale house

When choosing a residential roofing company, you need a roofing contractor you can trust. There are a number of things to consider:

  • reliability – will the contractor show up and complete the job in a timely manner
  • quality – does the roofing contractor perform work that they will guarantee?
  • experience – does your roofer follow building code (even if it doesn’t apply to your area, the work should still be done according to best practices) and understand insurance policies and dealing with insurance companies?
  • cost – does your roofing company provide a comprehensive estimate that is competitive?
  • longevity – how long has your roofing company been around, and will they be around in the future to honor a warranty?

Cook Roofing Company has been roofing homes for over 100 years as a family business. Some of the roofs we have done 30 years ago are still holding up today. Not only do we offer a lifetime limited warranty on workmanship, but we will be around to honor it. Our owner is a licensed public adjuster in several states, and understands insurance work thoroughly. He also knows how to provide a thorough estimate based on both insurance adjusting and contracting work. And we offer an “Apples to Apples” price match guarantee.

Our Apples to Apples Price Match Guarantee: We will match the new roof estimate price of any roofing companies nearby, providing that they use the same quality roofing supplies, and include all the required roofing materials and components.

We don’t cut corners or skimp like some other roofers who reuse flashing or vents, use shingle scraps for the ridge cap, or leave out valley materials. And if the insurance adjuster leaves these off, we will get them paid. Some roofers will just do the job halfway, for what insurance initially offered. That’s not fair to you. We do it right, and we know the difference. See our writeup on insurance.

Residential Roof Repair

Sometimes you really do just need minor roof repair. For example, some ridge cap might have blown off in a storm, on a fairly new roof. Other times, you might need us to just fix a roof leak that turns out to be some caulking that came loose around some flashing. When it’s pouring down rain, it might seem like you need emergency roof repairs. It’s best to have a reputable roofing contractor come out to have a look as soon as possible. It may just need a minor repair, and fixing the roof leak can be quick and painless. A top roofer can spot whether this is a simple repair, or signs of something more serious though. Beware, though, that some roofing repair contractors nearby will just fix obvious things and not mention bigger issues. They know that it can be difficult to sell a homeowner on the cost of a new roof replacement, so they just pretend like all is well to collect a few dollars and be on their way.

For more about residential roof repair, and what to look for in a roofing repair contractor, click here.

Residential Roof Replacement

How long does a roof last?

Asphalt shingle roofs (and others of course) have a practical lifespan and a manufacturer’s advertised lifespan. The practical, or realistic, lifespan of a typical architectural shingle roof under average conditions, lasts about 12-15 years. There are things that can affect this though. Hail, for example, can damage a roof with large hits, causing bruising. Smaller hail can erode the granules off shingles without any obvious evidence of bruising. One thing is certain though, if you have hail damage, it’s all over the roof (even if you can’t see it), not just a couple of shingles. How do you know if you have hail damage? Read more on our hail damage page. But you may well need a new roof.

Improper roof ventilation can allow your roof to overheat in the hot summer sun. If the roof gets too hot, the asphalt in the shingles becomes too soft and then cools and hardens. A super hot roof that gets rained on from a sudden thunderstorm will suddenly contract. So proper attic ventilation is important to minimize the effects. A poorly vented roof will shorten the life of your shingles, causing them to become brittle and susceptible to wind damage and hail damage.

Damaged Roofs

If your roof has sustained damage, an experienced residential roofing contractor can determine the extent of the damage, and whether even the best roofing repair company could fix it. Sometimes repairing only a portion of the roof causes more damage. In the case of an insurance claim, it’s important to address all the damage that needs to be fixed. This is the difference between some residential roofer, and the best roofing contractor. Cook Roofing Co has extensive experience assessing storm damage repairs, and can help you through the insurance claim process with an estimate the insurance company is familiar with. We can meet your adjuster and point out the damage we’ve seen, plus the extent of the repairs needed to indemnify you.

Insurance Supplements

On an insurance job, anything we run across during installation is taken up with the insurance company through a supplement. That way you have no surprises or cost increases. Some roofing contractors don’t like to bother with supplements so they’ll just ignore issues (like plywood decking that needs to be replaced to provide a sturdy, nailable surface for the roofing materials). We do the job right the first time, because we warranty our work and will be around if anything isn’t perfect.

So if your roof is at the end of its life, either from old age or because of storm damage and an insurance claim, you can count on Cook Roofing Company to be the local roofing company you can trust. Your home has many systems and components. Of these, the roof is one of the most important. Replacing your roof carries one of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project, according to numerous studies. If you’d like to read more specifics about residential roof replacement, click here.

When you need a repairreplacement, or new installation you can count on Cook Roofing Company as your residential roofer in Branson and Springfield MOCall us to talk about your roofing project anytime at (417) 334-4238!

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Types of Residential Roofing Services

Your residential roof can benefit from various types of roofing materials. A popular one that is used in most homes is asphalt shingles. These are considered America’s number one choice, yet roofing has upgraded in materials from this bare minimum. If you’re looking for a roof upgrade, consider premium roofing materials such as impact resistant shingles, residential metal roofing, or slate roofing. To learn more about how Cook Roofing Company can assist you, rely on us as your residential roofing contractor in Branson and Springfield MO.

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