Branson city hall building roofed by cook roofing co

Commercial Roofer In Branson and Springfield, MO

Last Updated on March 25, 2020

Branson city hall branson mo brick building with flat roof
Cook roofing co replaced the roof on the branson city hall

Commercial Roofing Contractors

Considerations for a commercial roofing project are different than those for a house. You need a roofing contractor who can handle the scale and construction types involved in commercial roofs, such as flat roofs, large metal roofs, or shingle roofs that can be several hundred squares. Safety factors, bonds, and insurance requirements are all more stringent. Insurance work has different factors to consider than, say, a little $25,000 residential roof replacement.

Cook Roofing Company has repaired and replaced many commercial roofs in the past several decades, including high rises, hotels, condo and apartment complexes, warehouses, agricultural buildings, and industrial buildings. The owner, Mark Cook, started installing built-up roofs when he was about 14, and took over the family business which was established in 1913. Mark has certifications in most, if not all, applicable technologies and systems relevant to commercial roofing and construction.

So, you could choose one of the many local roofing companies in Springfield, MO with a pretty truck and a guy who’s done houses for 3 years. Or you can call the company who re-roofed the Branson City Hall, the Branson Red Lobster, the Windmill Inn, the Comfort Inn in Branson, several chain restaurants countrywide, and many others. He has also consulted on restoration projects for storm damage totaling over $12 million, among many others.

Types of Commercial Roofing Services

Flat Roof Types, Installation, and Repair We have installed and repaired all types of flat roofs, from built-up to single ply.

Metal Roof Types, Installation, and Repair We get called out to fix metal roofs that were installed wrong. Have us come install yours right the first time.

Shingle Roofing Types, Installation, and Repair From 10 to 1200 square jobs and more, we can handle it.

Tile Roofing Types, Installation, and Repair We’ve done tile roofing in Arizona, where it’s quite common, so we’re not guessing when we estimate and install yours.

Commercial Roof Washing Did you know flat roofs should be washed periodically to clear dirt and debris?

Other Commercial Construction Services

Roof Inspections The first step of any job or estimate is to do a thorough roof inspection. We know what to look for, what’s installed properly and what’s not, and the implications of what lies beneath the roof. Only a roofing company with general construction experience can do that.

Estimating The second step after inspection, we’ve estimated repairs to huge replacement jobs, both for roofing and after hurricanes. We can certainly handle your roofing and construction estimates.

Insurance Claims Much of the work we do involves insurance claims. We know how to submit claims for insurance, how insurance works, ways the insurance company tries to save themselves money, and how insurance companies want to see estimates. It helps that we do public adjusting work also (we can’t be your contractor and your public adjuster on the same job. But we don’t forget everything we know about insurance, just because we’re working on your contracting project).

Industrial Roofing Services We Offer

Key Components To Commercial Roofing

It’s important to consider certain components are being met with your commercial roofing to ensure protective capabilities are being met. With flat roofs, for example, it’s important that they remain sealed against water infiltration, which can occur from pooling water, impacts from storms, inadvertent damage from maintenance activities, and similar. In order to avoid such damages, it’s highly recommended to have weatherproofing layers added to a roofing membrane. Another factor that should be emphasized is reinforcement adjustments. Reinforcement in specific areas of the roof that are weaker than others will add dimensional stability, strength, and puncture resistance to your roof. With surfacing, not only will you have added protection for your weatherproofing abilities, but you’ll also have added reinforcement and protection from sunlight as well. Certain options can include increased fire resistance, solar reflectivity, hail resistance and improved abilities to maintain the integrity of the system. Get the protection that your roof deserves with a professional commercial roofing contractor in Springfield MO and Branson! We’ll be happy to discuss your options and offer assistance!

Contact Us For Your Roofing Needs

When you need a roofing contractor who can handle any size job with any type of roof, in Springfield, Branson, or the surrounding areas of Missouri – one with the experience to back up their work – then contact Cook Roofing Co. With decades of broad experience in the roofing industry, we are a highly reviewed roofing company who can handle your project. To schedule an appointment or get in touch, call us at (417) 334-4238!

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Last Updated on March 25, 2020