Soffit and Fascia Repair

Construction Worker Mounts Soffit onto Roof Eaves

Protect Underlying Materials

Your soffit and fascia protect the siding under archways as well as areas underneath eaves of your home. Sometimes, water damages and impacts can affect the durability and wear of these materials, so whenever you are in need of soffit and fascia repair in Springfield and Branson, MO count on our expert roofers. Cook Roofing Company will have your roof fixed in no time. Give us a call to learn more at (417) 334-4238 today!

Possible Issues With Soffits & Fascia

Your soffits are designed to protect the facing or arches of your roof from moisture fall out. When you’re looking to keep moisture away from your home’s soffits and fascia, be sure to consider your gutters. Oftentimes, improperly fitted gutters or drip edges can drive water away from their channels and instead fall on the landscape, siding, soffits, and fascia. This can cause the formation of rot, leaks or other damages in wear that can be detrimental to overall roofing integrity. It’s important therefore to pay attention to any loosened materials if high winds and debris come along with a storm. Conduct a roof inspection when necessary in order to catch problems in their beginning stages so they don’t worsen. Here are some signs to look out for when you may need soffit & fascia repair for your home.

  • Water Infiltration
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Gutter Damages
  • Punctures
  • Material Tear Offs
  • Improper Installations

Reach out to a professional roofer whenever you need assistance with soffit & fascia replacement in Springfield and Branson, MO.

Soffit & Fascia Protection Tips

Even after getting a new soffit & fascia installation in Springfield and Branson, MO it’s important to conduct maintenance checks to keep an eye out for changes. Some ways to maintain your soffits and fascia are by painting wooden ones when needed. This will seal the wood and keep rot away and you may even go the extra step by implementing different types of coatings that have the ability to keep moisture away. Another way to keep moisture out is to install or upgrade the material of your drip edges as these will direct water into your gutters and away from your soffit and fascia. You could also upgrade the venting of your soffits which will keep humidity low. Low humidity will prevent mold formation as well as keep the attic ventilated which is essential for all home system but especially older ones. The last tip that can help with maintaining your soffit and fascia system is by keeping up with your seasonal gutter cleaning. Be sure to do this after bad storms or at the very least twice a year. Ultimately, having a roof inspection conducted at least once a year can help in making minor repairs before they worsen to larger areas of roof damage.

Construction Worker Mounts Soffit on the Roof Eaves

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Cook Roofing Company is here to assist you with any of your roofing emergencies. After a particularly bad storm, if you notice that your roofing materials are damaged, contact our 24/7 open line for assistance! We want to make sure that you are safe and your materials are adjusted with integrity in mind. Schedule soffit and fascia repair in Springfield and Branson, MO with a professional roofer today at (417) 334-4238. We make sure to back up all of our projects with workmanship warranties so you can the best results possible! Let’s get your roof protected once more!