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Why Cook Roofing Company is the Right Local Roofer for You in Plains, TX!

Big words, but we back them up with the best warranty in the business (not just one of the best). Other roofers in Plains, Texas offer 5 year or maybe even 10 year warranties on labor. Cook Roofing Company backs our work with a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. You know that material warranties are worth little, because materials just generally hold up. What doesn't stand the test of time? Cheap, shoddy work. So, fee free to get estimates from another roofing company in Plains, TX, but why not just go with the best? Schedule a free roof inspection now by calling 806-424-4541, or use the form on the right. You can even send us your current estimate, and we can make sure it's solid. There's no obligation!

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Experience Matters

Cook Roofing Company is a fourth generation family business since 1913. We grew up around construction, under the motto that "perfect is good enough." It seems everyone with a truck and a hammer thinks they can roof a house, and their work shows. We see roofs installed incorrectly all the time. So while those other roofing companies in Plains, Texas might buy their way into listings like Angie's List, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and even the Better Business Bureau - not to mention a ton of ads, the real test of a company is whether they make sure your work is done right, and your roofing company backs their work with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

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Beware of the Cheapest Estimate

We'll match price for a bid from another company, providing the work quoted is the same. The problem, though, is that some of these roofing companies cut costs in ways you'd never notice. For example, maybe they don't insure their roofers. Maybe they leave the old felt on. Maybe they don't bother replacing the metal. Maybe they put a ridge vent on but don't cut a vent in the plywood deck (yes, we've seen that many times, believe it or not. How would you know?). There are lots of shortcuts. And on an insurance job, the adjuster often gives a quote that leaves stuff off, and hopes you go get roofers to bid against each other till you find one that will do the cheapest job and it's under the insurance estimate. Why in the world would any sane homeowner do that, when they are only liable for their deductible out of pocket? But probably two-thirds of the roofing companies in Plains, Texas use that as their business model.

Get a fair and thorough estimate based on an accurate, free roof inspection from a company you can trust. Call us now at 806-424-4541!

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