Low E Windows

Low e windows

Advantages of Low E Windows

The E in Low E glass windows stands for emission which means that the surface of these windows will emit low levels of radiant heat. No matter the surface be it windows or a chair you’ll see an ability to reflect, absorb or transmit heat. With a Low E glass window, you’ll see the ability to reduce heat transference while also having the added advantage of stopping UV radiation waves. These two points separate it from window tints that just lessen the amount of light coming in. What’s more, Low E glass window installation allows visible light to still make its way in without affecting the color of the window. How these windows work is by applying a thin coating that consists of metallic particles. These coatings can be applied inside of a windowpane to keep heat in with cold climates or outside of a window to keep heat out. Either way, this helps buildings in maintaining stable temperatures and comfort meaning HVAC units won’t work as hard which in turn reduces energy consumption and bills! You can enjoy these windows for years to come with their life spans of 10-15 years! Here are some other advantages of a Low E window installation.

  • Last 10-15 Years
  • Maintains Indoor Temperatures
  • Prevents UV Radiation Waves
  • Reduces Heat Transfer
  • Reduces Energy by 30-50%
  • Only 10-15% More in Costs
  • Can Be Applied Inside/Outside Window
  • Doesn’t Vary in Coating Appearance
  • Different Coating Constructions

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