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Learn About Our Flat Roof Installation Services!

Here at Cook Roofing Company, we aim to ensure that all of our valued customers receive the highest quality support and treatment. Whether you need a flat roof  replaced, or just a repair, don't put it off - call 806-424-4541 now!

Flat roofs look more simple than they are. Cook Roofing Company professionals understand the complexities and nuances of Flat Roof Installation. Plus, when it comes to many other aspects of construction and repairs on your commercial or residential property in Plains, Texas, 79355, Cook Roofing Company will make sure that all the work is done right, so that your property looks great and is secure and dry again for years to come. Call today at 806-424-4541 to experience the Cook Roofing Company difference!

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About our Flat Roof Installation Services

Replacing Flat Roofs is Difficult

When replacing flat roofs, you must clear out all of the old material before anything else can happen. This is done by taking off a couple of layers of insulation and even lightweight concrete, and on the occasion more than a few layers of insulation and gravel ballast as well. Other roofs have been "hot-mopped" with asphalt, or have an adhesive coating its entirety, while the last group of flat roofs are mechanically fastened down using screws and bars.

Most of the times there's trapped moisture under the old roof and it must be removed completely, but sometimes the new material can be installed over the old roof. The new rood must be installed carefully, the roofer must take into consideration the angle of the roof, drainage, the arrangement of the supporting roof structure, load capacity and more. It's so important to get it done correctly, you can trust Cook Roofing Company to replace or repair your flat roof with professionalism and expertise. Call us at 806-424-4541

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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Flat Roof?

The cost of replacing your flat roof varies greatly in [iss_state_name], but mostly it depends on the type of membrane material, how much insulation is needed, and the amount of preparation needed to remove the materials used on your old roof. We suggest having someone with experience and the knowledge to give you an accurate estimate, more often than not it's not your insurance adjuster you should call, but your local roofer at Cook Roofing Company does, so call us at 806-424-4541. We will give you a complimentary insurance-compliant estimate when we do an inspection of your roof.

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