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Roof systems can last anywhere from 15-150 years depending on their material composition. Yet it’s important to keep in mind that with regular inspections, maintenance or adding roof coatings you can extend the life of your roof. As of such, whether your roof has been severely damaged or has reached the end of its natural life Cook Roofing Company is ready to assist you with a new roof! When you’re in need of residential roof replacement in Springfield and Branson, MO our expert team is ready! Give us a call at (417) 334-4238 to get the roofing process started!

Damages That Need Replacements

There is a fine line between the need for roof repairs vs replacements. With repairs, you may be able to have fixes that are localized and situated at specific points. With a residential roof replacement, wear is more widespread and oftentimes underlying materials are also compromised. Roof replacements generally occur when severe storms or impacts have penetrated the roofing system be it with high winds blowing off materials, water leak formation, mold growth or trees and debris puncturing the roofing structure. It’s important to keep in mind that not only will reactions differ per roofing material, but the age of your roof will have a factor in it as well. Older roofing materials are more worn and therefore more susceptible to cracks and breaks upon impact or temperature changes. A crack may not seem threatening, yet water damages only need small perforations to make their way in. With water damages, you may see leaks, stain formation, mold, moss and mildew which can lead to your roof rotting. Leaks can be tricky to find as they can travel from the place where they originated, you may even find roofing materials absorbing it to become waterlogged. Additionally, if you feel that your HVAC energy has increased it could be because the insulation has been compromised. After a particularly bad storm, be sure to have your roof inspected so expert eyes can catch the signs that you may have missed. When you’re residential roof is suffering from impacts that require immediate assistance, rely on our emergency repair services for an efficient response! Our staff is available 24/7 for your convenience!

Get Superior Roofing Materials

Perhaps the most susceptible roofing material to regions where severe weather or storms are more regular is with asphalt shingles. Although they perform fairly well with stable climates, once winds reach high speeds they’ll be more likely to blow off if materials are not secured onto the roof. For sturdier materials, you can upgrade to architectural shingles which have more layers of protection from winds and impact. While asphalt shingles last 15-20 years architectural shingles can last 25-30 years! Ultimately when a high roof life and optimal protection is preferred it’s best to go with roofing options known for their strength as seen with metal roofing and impact resistant shingles. Both are designed with Class 4 hail protection and protection from wind speeds as high as 110 mph! You can prevent the spread of fire with Class A fire protection with metal roofing and have a 50 plus year roof life! Ultimately, the cost of roofing materials will be well worth it when your roof is impacted by unexpected circumstances! When you’re unsure of what roofing materials will work best for your systems, a roof inspection can gauge your property’s specifications and characteristics so the right roofing material can be matched with your residential roof! Whenever you have any questions, be sure to get in touch with our knowledgeable staff for more information! When you’re interested in residential roof replacement in Springfield and Branson, MO, Cook Roofing Company is here to help!

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Cook Roofing Company is ready to assist you with any of your roof replacement projects so you can regain strength and protection on your roofing system! We make sure all of our roofing projects are handled with care and precision which is why we’re happy to offer workmanship warranties with all projects! Rely on a roofing company that has had decades of experience since it’s beginnings in 1913! We have the modern tools and techniques that will ensure that all materials are fit properly to last for years to come! To get the roofing process started, give us a call at (417) 334-4238 any time! Our team of roofing professionals are ready for your residential roof replacement in Springfield and Branson, MO! We look forward to providing you with a stronger, long-lasting and more durable roof!