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Do you have hail damage on your roof in Kinloch, Missouri?

Parts of St. Louis County had hail damage recently. Hail is not the kind of weather that people usually look forward to. It can be destructive and, at times, difficult to see any effects on your house's roof until you realize there are leaks or water damage. Fortunately for homeowners in this case, insurance policies do cover hail-related damages with a deduction from their deductible! Cook Roofing can help you with filing an insurance claim and/or hail damage to your roof. We have lots of experience helping homeowners just like you get a new roof under a hail damage insurance claim, so call us today for all the information on how we may be able to assist. If it is determined that there are damages not covered by your policy or if any repairs cost more than what's being offered through our contracted agreement then Cook Roofing will work out agreeable terms with both parties in order to keep customer satisfaction high!

Commercial Roofing

Cook Roofing Company has extensive background and experience in commercial construction. Whether you just need a flat roof on a shopping center in the Kinloch area, or standing seam metal roofing on your church sanctuary, or even asphalt shingles on your apartment complex, we should be your first call

Residential Roofing

From laminated shingles, tile roofing, metal roof replacement or standing seam metal roof repairs, we can handle all your roofing needs in Kinloch. Find out more about residential roofing by clicking, or call at (417) 334-4238

Insurance Claims

If you've got storm damage in Kinloch, Missouri, we work with all insurance companies, providing a thorough, insurance compliant estimate to get you full value for a roof we can back with our lifetime warranty.

Roof Replacement

Whether your roof is old or you've got storm damage, if you're considering roof replacement you should call us at {iss_phone_number]. We back all our work with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Metal Roof

We install all metal roof types, from standing seam, to R panel, to stone coated metal shingles. Call today to see how we can replace or upgrade your roof in Kinloch, MO.

Roof Estimates

Contact our experienced roofers for a free roof estimate in Kinloch, Missouri at (417) 334-4238, backed by our lifetime workmanship warranty.

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Will Insurance Pay for Your Hail Damaged Roof in Kinloch If Your Roof Was Old?

If your insurance policy covers hail damage, then at least some of the repair costs will be covered. If your policy is "ACV" (Actual Cash Value), then the adjuster will deduct money for the depreciation of the roof (it loses value over time due to wear and tear). If your policy has "RCV" (Replacement Cost Value), then you'll get a check without the depreciation, but when your roof is replaced, they will send the depreciation in a second check. That is for the roofing company, but you'll get a brand new roof for the cost of your deductible. It doesn't matter if your roof was old and falling apart, if it was covered for hail at the time of the hail storm, then it was covered. This isn't insurance coverage advice, we're just roofing contractors, but many people have this idea that if their roof was in bad shape before the storm, it's going to cost them a lot of money. Generally speaking, that's not how it works. Give us a call, and we can help you figure out what it will take to get your roof replaced in Kinloch.

What if the Adjuster Says There Was No Hail Damage?

We're sorry to say this happens way more often than it should. Hail doesn't always damage every shingle it hits. But when a hail storm does damage a roof, it can be difficult to see the signs. We will check to see if the shingles are "bruised," and it can take a trained eye to see the subtle signs of hail sometimes. However, damage is damage, and if it's there, we will find it. If it's not bad enough to put a claim in, we will tell you. If it is, though, we'll tell you that too, and show you. We'll also show the adjuster and if he's already been out, you can request a re-inspection. We've seen a re-inspection result in "finding damage" more often than not. Your best course of action in Missouri is to call us so we can check for damage before you file a claim. That way, if there is damage, you know for sure so the adjuster doesn't "miss" it, and if there's no damage, then you don't file a claim when you didn't need to. Our roof evaluation is free, so call today to set up an appointment. We're likely to be pretty busy with all the hail storms, so don't delay!

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