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About Our Commercial Roofing Services

Here at Cook Roofing Company, we provide all of our valued customers with the highest quality support and treatment. Whether you just need a small roof repair, or you may need a full roof replacement, don't delay - call (417) 386-2127 now!

Not only do Cook Roofing Company professionals understand how roofs are built, but when it comes to many other aspects of construction and repairs on your commercial property in Joplin, MO, Cook Roofing Company will make sure that all the work is done right, so that your property looks great and is secure and dry again for years to come. Call today at (417) 386-2127 to experience the Cook Roofing Company difference!

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Commercial Roofing Contractors

Considerations for a commercial roofing project are different than those for a house. You need a roofing contractor who can handle the scale and construction types involved in commercial roofs, such as flat roofs, large metal roofs, or shingle roofs that can be several hundred squares. Safety factors, bonds, and insurance requirements are all more stringent. Insurance work has different factors to consider than, say, a little $25,000 residential roof replacement.

Cook Roofing Company has repaired and replaced many commercial roofs in the past several decades, including high rises, hotels, condo and apartment complexes, warehouses, agricultural buildings, and industrial buildings. Cook Roofing Company has certifications in most, if not all, applicable technologies and systems relevant to commercial roofing and construction.

So, you could choose one of the many local roofing companies in Joplin, MO with a pretty truck and a guy who’s done houses for 3 years. Or you can call the company who re-roofed the Branson City Hall, the Branson Red Lobster, the Windmill Inn, the Comfort Inn in Branson, several chain restaurants countrywide, and many others. We have also consulted on restoration projects for storm damages totaling over $12 million in just one complex, for example. Call (417) 386-2127 today for an in person visit and free evaluation of your commercial roofing situation.

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Types of Commercial Roofing Services

Flat Roof Types, Installation, and Repair

We have installed and repaired all types of flat roofs, from built-up to single ply.

Metal Roof Types, Installation, and Repair

We get called out to fix metal roofs that were installed wrong. Have us come install yours right the first time.

Shingle Roofing Types, Installation, and Repair

From 10 to 1200 square jobs and more, we can handle it.

Tile Roofing Types, Installation, and Repair

We’ve done tile roofing in Arizona, where it’s quite common, so we’re not guessing when we estimate and install yours.

Commercial Roof Washing

Did you know flat roofs should be washed periodically to clear dirt and debris?

Other Commercial Construction Services

Roof Inspections

The first step of any job or estimate is to do a thorough roof inspection. We know what to look for, what’s installed properly and what’s not, and the implications of what lies beneath the roof. Only a roofing company with general construction experience can do that.


The second step after inspection, we’ve estimated repairs to huge replacement jobs, both for roofing and after hurricanes. We can certainly handle your roofing and construction estimates.

Insurance Claims

Much of the work we do involves insurance claims. We know how to submit claims for insurance, how insurance works, ways the insurance company tries to save themselves money, and how insurance companies want to see estimates. It helps that we do public adjusting work also (we can’t be your contractor and your public adjuster on the same job. But we don’t forget everything we know about insurance, just because we’re working on your contracting project).

Standing seam metal roof on a clinic in Hollister, MO

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City of Joplin Building Division Information

Building Division contact number 417-624-0820

Building Codes adopted by the City of Joplin Building Division:


International Building Code (IBC) – 2018 Edition with local amendments.
International Plumbing Code (IPC) – 2018 Edition with local amendments.
International Mechanical Code (IMC) – 2018 Edition with local amendments.
International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC) – 2018 Edition with local amendments.
International Fire Code (IFC) – 2018 Edition with local amendments.
International Existing Building Code (IEC) – 2018 Edition with local amendments.
International Residential Code (IRC) – 2018 Edition with local amendments.
National Electrical Code (NEC) – 2017 Edition with local amendments.

City of Joplin, Missouri Planning, Development, and Neighborhood Services - Enforcement information

Have an issue with neighbors not keeping their property up, etc?

Phone 417-624-0820 extension 518

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Some Interesting Facts About Joplin, Missouri

  • Located in what's considered the "Bible Belt," Joplin, MO is home to two Christian colleges: Ozark Christian College, and Messenger College. It is also home to Missouri Southern State University.
  • The most famous people around Joplin, Missouri could be considered to be Bonnie and Clyde. They camped there for a few weeks in the 1930's.
  • According to the 2000 US Census, about 19% of the residents of Joplin, Missouri had German heritage.
  • Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center is still a great place for hiking, though the center itself is closed now.
  • Route 66 Mural Park is an interesting thing to see in Joplin. Going through downtown Joplin, Route 66 brought a lot of traffic through Joplin and drove business and tourism to the city.
  • The City of Joplin is twelfth in Missouri in terms of population count, with a population of over 52,000 in 2016.